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Modeling Breaks Stereotypes to Foster Diversity: Mariangel

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Modeling Breaks Stereotypes to Foster Diversity: Mariangel

August 28
02:20 2021

• The Venezuelan shares her feelings about the new way of modeling.

• She assures that human beings must be whole in order to be fulfilled in life.

• She recommends balancing nutrition and exercise to take care of health, an essential element in all human beings.

The modeling world has always been a target of criticism for the various practices that are carried out in order to stay in that environment. Mariangel, a young model born in Venezuela, knows that nowadays there are several opportunities in the industry, thanks to the breaking of stereotypes that for years prevailed in that world.

For years, we were sold the idea of sculptural and perfect bodies in magazines, newspapers and television. Entire generations underwent various processes that put their health at risk, in order to be like the soap opera leading man or the beautiful girl on the cover of some print media. Today, things have changed and there is diversity that allows anyone to feel good about themselves without complexes. “Modeling has broken the patterns where models are framed. This does not mean that we should neglect our health, but it allows us to be aware of our self-image and show ourselves to others without fear of criticism or rejection”, said Mariangel.

For the model it is important to have a good diet, accompanied by moderation so as not to put her life at risk, because she considers that the first thing is always health, so you have to know how to eat healthy to feel good and be able to enjoy her work. “I try to eat a balanced diet because even if I have a good weight, there are foods that are not healthy and I avoid them. I don’t stop indulging myself, especially chocolate. In addition to this, I have my exercise routines, which I try to do as often as possible. I believe that my work is not at odds with exercise and food, I just have to balance it so that there is no problem in the long run”, said the Venezuelan.

She knows that many times there are excesses because they consider that modeling is rigorous and requires more, but she considers that the most important thing is health, so she assures that she does not support these cases, “people dedicated to modeling must have enough security, as I said at the beginning, to have control of the limits that must be respected so as not to cause physical or psychological damage,” she said.

The Venezuelan highlights the importance of taking care of one’s body, accepting oneself and thus showing personal security, as they are the basis for being fulfilled. For this reason, she invites people to exercise, eat healthily and do what they like the most. “We must be integral with ourselves and then show it to others. Always enjoying life, our body and our work. People must understand that there is no ideal body and no ideal age to be in this profession. We can show ourselves without fear and with complete security, each one of us assuming our own characteristics and image,” she said.

Mariangel asks people who want to dedicate themselves to this environment to feel it from their heart, to be aware that a good physique is not enough, that they must prepare themselves, work hard, know which people they work with, be self-confident and enjoy what they do. “Check your self-image and self-esteem. Modeling is beautiful, but it is not worth risking your health and your life. Nowadays, diversity allows a wider range of opportunities, so model as if it were a hobby and not a job, so you can enjoy it and be happy with the demands of a job, but without exposing your body”, she argued.

Mariangel Escobar Guevara was born in Táchira, Venezuela, in 1995. At an early age she became interested in the catwalks, so her mother enrolled her in an agency, at the age of 12. “My mother enrolled me in an agency in Barquisimeto where my preparation began. I still remember my first teachers with great affection, since then I started doing fashion shows and photo campaigns,” she said.

She precisely combined the catwalks with her studies, so she also has a degree in psychology. “This balance kept me focused to avoid those inevitable conflicts in the middle, where rivalries, jealousy and many other things arise. The support of my family is a fundamental pillar in my performance, so I have not had situations that have caused discomfort,” she said.

She has worked with many designers in Venezuela, clothing stores such as Agua Bendita, Tarbay and for Koii. Currently, her goal is to continue modeling, to be the image of important brands, as well as to continue practicing her profession as a psychologist and modeling internationally.

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