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Amber Uscategui Leads the Charge of the Social Audio Wars

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Amber Uscategui Leads the Charge of the Social Audio Wars

August 30
15:47 2021

Dallas, TX, USA – August 30, 2021 – Brand Strategist & CEO of Whose Got the Key, Amber Uscategui is working around the clock to stay at the heart of the social audio wars. Room-style audio platforms ramped up quickly this year, with the players changing daily, yet, Uscategui is right in the middle of it all, with a wealth of information, ready to help others strategically navigate the social media platforms.

As more companies jump into adding social audio platforms: Clubhouse, Facebook (Live Audio Rooms are available to any U.S.-based creator), Spotify (Greenroom), Discord (Stage Channels launched in March), Telegram (Voice Chat), and Twitter (Spaces), startups like Racket, Fireside, SoapBox, Stereo, and Airtime are all working on similar products, and companies are putting social audio into their existing ones. “Competitors see the opportunity in the space and are eager to stake their claim on what could be the next big social-media smash. All of these developments show the level of excitement surrounding the audio platform, allowing users to pop in and out of ephemeral chat rooms and participate in on-demand social conversations of various sizes, with numerous formats and subjects. But there are downsides to attracting such attention, and the endorsements cut both ways,” says Bloomberg columnist, Tai Kim.

“I’ve seen so many changes happen at such a fast rate,” said Uscategui, “and I’m keeping tabs and educating others as quickly as I can.” Uscategui researches each platform’s unique culture and technical capabilities to outline the best strategy for each platform to her clients. With so many copycats in the space, Uscategui credits her success to her wide range of experience in advertising, marketing, and gamification strategies that shape how she approaches new media like social audio. “The social media wars are not an easy landscape to navigate. Most social media platforms are losing their audience. Clubhouse ends up filtering into Twitter or IG and they are losing momentum. Even LinkedIn ends up merging into Zoom or Whats App. It’s not easy to follow the algorithms because the goal of these sites is to keep you rooted in one platform. Everyone is failing due to a lack of community and not doing one thing exceptional.”

When asked who she thinks will come out on top, Uscategui said, “There won’t be one winner. They are all vying for the attention of brand sponsorships, content creators, and influencers at all levels. These platforms are rushing to build monetization tools to help them not only grow but keep their audience.”

“Spotify is hugely invested in the podcast biz, of course, and Facebook also rolled out podcast-listening tools while also giving its sister company Instagram a complete rebrand to compete with TikTok and Shopify. But there’s an intersection coming: I’m already seeing more and more live podcast recordings happening in Clubhouse and Greenroom, with a mix of TikTok vs. YouTubers streaming through Discord and you can imagine those places becoming a home for live audio performances, the new generation of call-in shows, and much more. Mixing live and on-demand, public and private, and social and entertainment will be the key for anyone who wants to own this space.”

Owning this space should be on the radar of any brand or creator, according to Uscategui’s proven data analytics. Whose Got The Key offers expert brand strategies, digital content and gamification marketing, social media integration, and Uscategui’s experience to help her clients navigate through development and scaling. Visit

About Amber Uscategui

Amber Uscategui comes in swinging with an impressive array of past and present clientele, including Nordstrom, Boy Scouts of America, Neiman Marcus, TJ Maxx, Kitson, Amazon, Powerteam International, Zulily, BuyBuy Baby, Free & Equal, Kavio, American Apparel, Disney, Mattel, Inc., Cover FX, Pearly Whites, CDJR, My Habit, Mannatech Inc, Bliss, Urban Decay (L’Oreal), Juicy Couture, Stila, The March of Dimes, Sugar Factory, Contact Mapping, Wavoto, Burberry (Coty), Angel (Mulgar), Proctor and Gamble, Paul Mitchell, Amika, and Babe Hair.

Amber has been featured in InStyle Magazine, InTouch, People, and multiple other print outlets, vlogs/blogs, and pods. She has been seen on Disney, Nickelodeon, Bravo, ABC, CBS, Netflix, Toddlers and Tiaras, numerous other children’s shows, reality TV, and Movies.

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