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Liene Photo Printer: Let Inspiration Enrich New Era

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Liene Photo Printer: Let Inspiration Enrich New Era

August 31
03:14 2021

The COVID-19 cases are rising like wild fires and it’s advisable to perform all office work from within the comforts of the home. Traveling becomes risky during the pandemic, and people spend a long time staying at home. During this special period, Liene brought a Photo Printer to the public, to enable everyone to experience a new era with 4×6″ images straight from its output tray. Liene insists on the philosophy of rephrasing digital photos in a new way to award them more energy and stories. Liene never leaves the quality behind when it is moving forward, all changes always prioritize users’ demands. Let’s elaborate on some awesome features of this innovative photo printer.

4-Pass Technology

The Liene Photo Printer produces 4×6″ photos coupled with a 4-pass process technology, which means that the photo paper would be processed four times before it comes out. The longer time the photo goes, the higher quality the photo has. To keep a permanent decent photo quality, a protective layer that is water-resistant and smudge-resistant will be laid when the printing comes to the fourth pass.

Incredible Reliability & Stability

Malfunction is the biggest issue that most people complain about when using the photo printer – like paper cannot thread the printer or the ribbon keeps getting eaten. However, Liene’s printer has been significantly optimized based on the common complaints before it was released. Paper can easily go through the printer when rollers are working so that inks can be evenly dispensed. More than that, paper keeps aligning with the printer when it moves, so it won’t pause the printing mission or be torn. Electronics errors could not always be eliminated, but Liene could ensure to help users solve all errors! When printing via the app, errors could be detected and the app would navigate users to solve the problems step by step so the printing could be recovered soon.

Thermal Dye Sublimation Technology

The printer provides 256 shades per color with 300 x 300 DPI print resolution to significantly keep the integrity of the image. The Liene Photo Printer is capable of printing with thermal dye sublimation photo paper which aims to have the best printing output. Unlike inkjet printing, thermal dye sublimation makes dyes better permeate the glossy surface and infuse with the paper material so the colors won’t be easily wiped off. In a word, those dyes have integrated into the paper as the nail gets hammered into the block.

Support Wireless & Wire Connection

The Liene Photo Printer ships with a built-in WiFi hotspot so it won’t affect the surrounding network. Due to the Wi-Fi connection, the printer provides support for incredibly connecting up to 5 devices at the same time, and there is no damage to the phone port. In addition to Wi-Fi, the printer also comes with a USB port. Liene has prepared a designated driver for people who prefer wire connection to devices like laptops and PCs. Easy to set it up!

Compatible With IOS, Android, and Windows

Liene encourages all users to try it out so the major operating systems, IOS and Android, could feel free to print their photos directly from the local album. Even for windows-based devices, the Liene printer could be connected via either Wi-Fi or USB. The designated driver for the USB connection has been included in the user manual.


Everyone would feel sweet when receiving this user-friendly photo printer. Unlike 10 sheets of photo paper included in most other printers’ packages, Liene has 20 sheets of complimentary photo paper, and the cartridge in the package could easily support the printing of 20 sheets of photos. Guess this amount is going to be enough before the ordered replenishment package arrives and so cost-effective.

Replenishment Package

Liene takes the cost and timing issue into account. Liene’s cartridge and photo paper package includes 20cps of photo paper X 2 and one cartridge, and is priced at $16.99 ONLY. Liene puts the cartridge and photo paper together, so users don’t have to place separate orders for buying both photo paper and cartridge. Meanwhile, one cartridge supports printing of 40 pcs of paper, which is much longer than cartridges from most other brands sold in the market.

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