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Gushcloud connects Eastern and Western cultures through the internationalization of Chinese social media

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Gushcloud connects Eastern and Western cultures through the internationalization of Chinese social media

August 31
21:42 2021

The rapid development of the Internet has dramatically facilitated global multicultural exchanges. While Chinese culture is spreading all over the world, foreign cultures and ideas are constantly influencing the Chinese culture. In this exchange of cultural communication, social media has become the strongest and newest method of communication. As a global leading digital talent agency group, Gushcloud International strives to gather the world’s top digital talents, content creators, audiences, and brands to create and establish solid relationships as well as excellent connections between Eastern and Western cultures.

In the new year, Gushcloud expands its development strategy

Gushcloud International, established in 2011, connects audiences and brands with influencers and content creators through multiple approaches such as influencer management, brand strategy, marketing, service activation, media production, distribution, key IP content creation, media and activity space. In addition, Gushcloud has built one of the largest popular networks in the world with its wholly-owned subsidiaries in 11 countries.

Photo 1. Executives of Gushcloud International took a business trip to Hangzhou, China in 2019

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Gushcloud International, and is also the starting point of a new journey in the next decade. Gushcloud International kickstarted the year by achieving six figure strategic investments jointly led by luxury e-commerce companies Premiummall and MCC International despite the capital depression of the media industry in 2020. This fully proved the great potential for development and growth of Gushcloud International.

Alongside news on winning the strategic investment, Gushcloud International proudly announced that veterans – Loo Cheng Chuan (the CEO of Premiummall) and Ken Cheung (the CEO of MCC International) are now part of the company’s advisory panel. The duo will play an essential role in further assisting Gushcloud to future proofing its expansion strategies and guiding development of new revenue streams and units.

Bringing Jamie Chua to the Chinese market through the communication of eastern & western cultures

With the expansion of China’s Internet pan-entertainment market and its strong inclusiveness, foreign artists and internet celebrities’ have begun expansion strategies into China. At the same time, domestic fans also hope to learn about their overseas idols through convenient channels. Given the needs of the times, Gushcloud delivers premium content and builds this communication bridge.

In September 2020, Gushcloud International secured an important partnership with Bilibili and Weibo, giving full play to the company’s global influence and onboarding those talents with industry influence in science, fashion and music onto Chinese social media platforms.

Photo 2. Jamie Chua Xiaohongshu Account

Photo 3. Jamie Chua Bilibili Account

Under the management of Gushcloud International’s China office, Bilibili welcomed a “top match” – Singaporean socialite and pioneering internet celebrity, Jamie Chua. Chinese fans and friends are now having the opportunity to interact with our “Hermes Queen”. After six months of hardwork in operating and maintaining her channel, her videos are gaining positive increase in fans base on a daily basis and are generally well-loved by her fans. She has attracted millions of eyeballs on the internet.

Leading YouTuber Hacksmith onboarded onto Chinese social media, gaining 1 million followers within a month

Photo 4. Hacksmith Industries Bilibili Account

While Jamie Chua grows in her popularity on Bilibili, Gushcloud International continues to bring on others famous foreign content creators onto the Chinese social media showcasing the richness and diversity of the other side of the world. YouTuber HackSmith DreamWorks, well-known worldwide for its technology in replicating weapons and costumes from games and movies, has started his Chinese social media in January 2021.

The Canada based creative creator is a veteran craftsman and engineer by professions. He specializes in recreating weapons and costumes that appeared in games and movies into the reality. Replicas from the Iron Man’s Flight Suit to The Kingsman’s Umbrella Gun, their products aimed to mimic as a full effect collectables and not just another ornaments to the fans.

With the high-quality video production content, HackSmith DreamWorks quickly won over large numbers of domestic fans and technology enthusiasts. The enthusiasm in bringing replicas from dream to reality have motivated the team to treat their production process sophisticatedly, meticulously and practically. HackSmith DreamWorks makes us believe in the power of science and influence on the merit of technology. The video has attracted widespread attention on media and gained millions of fans in merely a month.

Photo 5. Joshua Weissman Bilibili Account

In the first quarter of 2021, many international top creators, including reputable talk show actor Nigel Ng (also known as Uncle Roger) and Michelin chef Joshua Weissman, launched their Chinese social media under the brokerage management of Gushcloud, and both have significant achievements.

“The future world must be a world of content, and a world of global information flow. Quality content will gain more attention, space and have long-lasting commercial value. It is believed that high-quality content is the source of greater wealth.” said Ms. Fay Ying Zhifei, General Manager of Gushcloud Greater China, “Since 2021 and also in the following three years, Gushcloud will invest significant time and resources to bring in more premium content creators into China. Meantime, we will also ride on the Gushcloud’s global influence advantage, and strike to source and explore quality contents to prepare for their presence on international runway. We look forward to be the bridge in contribution to bringing forward the world our quality content creators who understand and respect multicultural differences.

Photo 6. Ying Zhifei, the General Manager of Gushcloud Greater China

In the last 10 year from 2010 to 2020, Gushcloud has successfully represented many Chinese brands, products and unique cultures to the world. In 2020, Gushcloud rode on the wave of international contents developmentand, rich multicultural background and strong execution capabilityour together with our solid network connection with many Chinese social media platforms, Gushcloud has been a strong platform for foreign artists entering China. These have also helped them achieved an all-round operation on Chinese social media. Gushcloud has created a totally new level of influential value through these talents exchange into and out of China.

With the rapid development of social media platforms in China, Chinese content creators from various genres have expanded their social media presence to other overseas platforms one after another. This has paved a brand-new business card for Chinese cultural exchanges with other countries. During this process, international digital talent agencies like Gushcloud International plays a vital role, which we are not only importing high-quality international content but are also helping to spread Chinese culture globally. This builds a bridge for the all-round development of content creators, promotes the cultural exchange and integration between the East and the West, promote truly beneficial and quality content on the global platform network with the achievement of the value of influence through the content.

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