Zach Hoffman shares what it means to be a True Leader in his book, “SWALeadership”

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Zach Hoffman shares what it means to be a True Leader in his book, “SWALeadership”

November 17
17:33 2022
Zach Hoffman shares what it means to be a True Leader in his book, "SWALeadership"
American-Italian Published Author Zachary Paul Hoffman gathers his chilling experiences and learnings attained while working in leadership positions across six different countries over ten years in his award-winning book, SWALeadership.

Zachary Paul Hoffman’s award-winning book, SWALeadership, Swiss-Army Leadership, introduces and elaborates on the strategy to adapt leadership styles and skills in alignment with standards, etiquette, possibilities, and working environments of the new world. “Change is inevitable; Growth is optional” this saying by John C. Maxwell embraces all aspects of life, most notably the necessity of evolving leadership skills and strategies to meet the ever-changing demands and conditions of passing the time. 

Leaders maintaining an adequate status now and in the future is critical to succeeding in relevant specialties. Conventional leadership styles are becoming increasingly ineffective as time progresses and social norms differ. Zach Hoffman aims to eliminate this problem by providing a modern-day, efficacious solution to fill this mounting gap.

“An easy and enjoyable read that makes you think differently about what an effective leader looks like! The author has a lot of great stories to share that make you look at your life and experiences differently. I enjoyed reading about his life abroad and the experience and lessons he has had along the way. A must-read if you want to become an effective leader in your own life.” one satisfied reader.

Another satisfied reader shared, “Must read for anyone interested in American football, diverse leadership ideas, traveling, and cultural diversity. Inspiring stories that will reach deep, make you laugh, and encourage your inner spirit to impact your life and work relationships.”

Based on Zach Hoffman’s vast international experience of 10 years in 6 different countries, Swiss Army Leadership (SWAL) is the key for aspiring leaders to inspire individuals for their life and leave behind a legacy. The book stresses the need for intercultural and soft skills for effective leadership in our globalized world. Zach shares, “As Ronald Reagan said that the greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things. You cannot do great things or impact someone else’s life for good until you do what truly works against challenges faced by individuals today.”

“I wrote this book to see and compartmentalize everything I’ve been through during the tough phases of my journey. I didn’t write it to make a profit. I hope that whoever takes the time to read it is inspired and driven to take action in their own lives and live it to the fullest,” Zach further added.

So hurry up and get your hands on the SWALeadership book on Amazon.

About Zachary Paul Hoffman

Established published author and Life coach Zachary Paul Hoffman is the writer of SWALeadership, a book encompassing concepts of proper leadership skills that generate effective results in today’s era. He is known to have excellent skills and knowledge in Change, Culture, Development, Diversity, Future, Goal setting, Growth & Leadership.

As a former professional American football player and a Youth American Football Coach, Zachary knows what leadership and persistence require. Despite hailing from the countryside of Western Pennsylvania, Zachary has lived and worked in multiple capacities in 6 different countries. He has experienced many hair-raising and eye-opening incidents throughout this period, resulting in real-life learnings, which he shares in his book.

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