AMCAP Group conforms to the parallel development trend in FinTech

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AMCAP Group conforms to the parallel development trend in FinTech

December 29
08:46 2022

The number of wealthy families and the size of assets in China have increased rapidly in recent years. The total wealth of wealthy families in China in 2021, according to Hurun’s wealth report, is 160 trillion yuan. Investable assets accounted for 49 trillion yuan of the 160 trillion yuan, accounting for 30% of total wealth. According to AMCAP Group, an overseas wealth management organisation, it means a large appreciation space for China’s wealth assets. The favourable economic environment has made the country’s investment market a favourite of international financial institutions.

There is an increasing trend of international investment into the Chinese economy, which supports the flow of global money to the Chinese market due to the high returns it offers. According to AMCAP Group, an international wealth management firm, rising interest in international wealth management can be attributed to these positive market variables. AMCAP Group, an early Chinese asset management firm, actively implements and aids investors in making the allocation strategy obvious, allowing investors to easily learn about the market and make informed decisions about where to put their money.

Investors “following the herd” in the past led to many clients having an adverse experience with investment funds. For example, a fund is a type of “post-test” product because it can take a while to confirm that a financial product is of high quality. As a result, AMCAP Group has been looking for ways to continue with them despite the market’s ups and downs. With the use of digital tools, AMCAP Group plans to create a feedback loop with its customers, offering them the answers they need and ongoing counseling services to help them face their anxieties and weather market changes.

FinTech is ushering in a new era in which all industries will rapidly advance from the current IT-based stage to a more advanced digital financial stage. AMCAP Group has completed the shift from the entire industrial chain to intelligent wealth management in preparation for China’s 5G and developed online market. AMCAP Group’s goal is to help its clients maximise their returns by tailoring its asset allocation strategies and online financial management services to their unique needs.

The head of AMCAP Group’s management organisation emphasized that AMCAP Group will always adhere to the philosophy “Utilizing one’s expertise to enhance the nation through scientific and technological advances.” Utilize consistently potent technology methods to increase the cooperation of asset management institutions and the industry’s efficacy, to build a scale, and to reap the benefits of digital transformation. Under the trend of institutional supply-side reform, FinTech is utilised to transform the wealth management business in order to break through and meet the industry’s bright future.

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