Crazy Mars Squirrel is in the Eyes of Investors

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Crazy Mars Squirrel is in the Eyes of Investors

March 20
20:42 2023

Recently, Crazy Mars Squirrel has stood out from eye-dazzling NFT projects by virtue of its rapid development and highly-rated reputation. Following its debut win on OpenSea (in terms of trading volume and popularity), the NFT project has had its floor price increased eight times, initiated the NFT 1:1 Business Ecosystem Model, and been added to leading NFT trading platforms in the globe, including X2Y2, Gem, Uniswap NFT, Element. The accompanying marketing buzz has attracted more and more attention from investors. Taking into account the plenty of praises for Crazy Mars Squirrel, we can have a clear portrait of the Crazy Mars Squirrel project.


Hardcore Founding Team: With Great Intention & Down-to-earth Leadership

“In the impetuous digital world, the founding team must be capable, reliable, and honest in the long fulfillment of goals,” said Alice, a Crazy Mars Squirrel NFT holder. A founding team with an optimistic mindset is rare like gold sparkling in a pile of sand. The Crazy Mars Squirrel team right resembles such a piece of “gold”. “As a proponent of altruistic thinking, the Crazy Mars Squirrel team took NFT as the entry point and led the development of digital civilization in the migration of human society to the Web3.0 era. While the team got down to earth with their plans, they have well held my anticipation for more surprises.”

Create An Energetic Community, the Soul Place in the Digital Mutation

As a Web3 project, Crazy Mars Squirrel has helped investors build an energetic DAO gathering successful individuals in Web2.0, as well as remarkable elites, experts, and digital upstarts in Web3.0. “Through in-depth exchanges, everyone in Crazy Mars Squirrel DAO can develop a profound understanding and skill set of digital civilization, which will enable us to successfully harvest future wealth in this spirited circle!” Aaron, the Crazy Mars Squirrel NFT holder, expressed his thoughts: “Crazy Mars Squirrel helps us to locate the best place to put our souls as we transition from an industrial to digital civilization!”

As Ecology-focused Project Empowering Industries, Different from Pure Financial Projects

We are all aware that liquidity and commercial landing are the main issues hindering the development of NFT projects. Crazy Mars Squirrel has turned the table through its original “NFT 1:1 Business” Ecosystem Construction Model in the form of “NFT+”, which focuses on reaching business entities on a global scale. In this way, a closed business loop has been established based on Crazy Mars Squirrel NFTs. Patton, another NFT holder, thinks that the one-stop, full-cycle Web3.0 services offered by Crazy Mars Squirrel will assist businesses as they transition to Web3.0. With great potential, the Business Model will undoubtedly bring greater value to repay NFT holders and make the 1+1 cooperation breed effects >2.

Super Strength in Execution & With Constantly Announced New Co-Branding Partnerships

According to Neil, a Crazy Mars Squirrel NFT holder, whether to choose a project depends on the execution ability of the team behind it. “All ideas and long-term objectives are meaningless rhetoric if they are not put into action. In less than three months, Crazy Mars Squirrel has established co-branding partnerships with 50+ renowned businesses around the world, including Renhe Biotechnology Group, Marco Polo Holdings, American Universal Medical Travel, Legrand Group, and others in the fields of information technology, medical technology, industrial automation, real estate, agriculture, and consumer services.”

An Economic Model Encouraging Sharing, Creates a Brighter Future for Investors

“Return is the ultimate goal of investment,” said Clinton, an NFT holder, “and it is also one of the proudest highlights of Crazy Mars Squirrel!” Based on the ecological development, 35% of the full cycle revenue of the Crazy Mars Squirrel ecosystem will be distributed to NFT holders, another 10% will go to collaboration with international communities and public welfare organizations, and 5% will go to member DAO fund (to support more outstanding artists). The remaining 50% will go to investment institutions. According to Clinton, such a distribution system allows holders to benefit from the project’s growth and to become the first Martian immigrants of “both spiritual and material wealth.”

The voices from the investors and NFT holders of Crazy Mars Squirrel have depicted for us a vivid picture of Crazy Mars Squirrel: a dark horse NFT project with an energetic community, and a governance mechanism encouraging co-building, as well as an inclusive culture; besides, the team behind has an optimistic mindset and strong execution. As the continuous empowerment of its business ecosystem brings about enriched application scenarios and continuously deflated NFT circulation, the value of Crazy Mars Squirrel NFTs will rise steadily. “I decided to hold my Crazy Mars Squirrel NFT all the time, waiting for it to continue to increase in value, to anchor my future wealth, and start my happy life,” a devoted Crazy Mars Squirrel supporter exclaimed.

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