Reshape NFT Value System, Crazy Mars Squirrel is Making Efforts

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Reshape NFT Value System, Crazy Mars Squirrel is Making Efforts

March 20
20:47 2023

As the crypto industry fell into a bear market, the NFTs had trade volume contracted sharply, and the marketing buzz shall be no more. Crazy Mars Squirrel obstinately entered the market, withstanding the desolate bear market while standing out from the dazzling markets by virtue of its unique cultural attributes and commercial value. Not only did it amaze the entire market, but also brought vigor and confidence to the market.


Value Presentation: The Continuously Rising NFT Value

With its initial launch on November 10, 2022, the first 100 Crazy Mars Squirrel NFTs were snapped up on OpenSea. As the project value came to the fore, the NFT set has had its price and trade volume gain momentum all the way. After Crazy Mars Squirrel announced the opening of brand licensing, its floor price also increased by over 18 times!

Business Model: World’s First Ecosystem Model

Crazy Mars Squirrel has attracted worldwide attention with its original 1:1 business ecosystem model in the form of “NFT+”. In this Model, each unique Crazy Mars Squirrel NFT is exclusively authorized to be used for one company only – Similar to trademark authorization in traditional business (exclusive authorization) but rather with NFT’s digital copyright. Besides, Crazy Mars Squirrel will empower authorized companies in all aspects from brand upgrading, and marketing, to ecological services. For enterprises, by co-branding with Crazy Mars Squirrel and obtaining the authorization of NFTs, they can draw on the brand value and strong ecological resources of Crazy Mars Squirrel, bond the like-minded in the global Web3 field, and open up new markets.

Through the 1:1 Business Model, Crazy Mars Squirrel created the unique close loop for NFT value growth. With the exclusive authorization of Crazy Mars Squirrel NFTs, enterprises can link Web3 users, obtain brand upgrades, expand market share, and increase brand assets; Meanwhile, the increased application scenarios of Crazy Mars Squirrel NFTs will witness the deflated circulation and the rising value of NFTs, making Crazy Mars Squirrel a rare investment product for investors.

Business Deployment: Frequently Announced Co-branding Partnerships

Crazy Mars Squirrel is expanding its business landscape in geometric proportion. As a representative of the value-driven NFT projects, Crazy Mars Squirrel abides by the connotations of Web3 and adheres to altruism during its business deployment in the new field of digital business. Up to now, it has established co-branding partnerships with over 20 brands around the globe including Green Palm Reflexology, Wearable Research & Technology Pty Ltd, MAB Innovation Pty Ltd, The One Real Estate, and Renhe Biotech (Australia).

As the NFT project grows stronger gradually, Crazy Mars Squirrel NFTs will be deployed in Metaverse GameFi, through a digital business/entrepreneurship platform based on DAO funds, Defi markets, etc. In various ways, Crazy Mars Squirrel will build a truly interactive Metaverse with implementable financial, entertainment, cultural, and social scenarios to promote an interconnected ecology.

Media Coverage: Reported by Mainstream Media

Through the “NFT+” business paradigm, Crazy Mars Squirrel has imparted contemporary culture and universal values into its brand while bringing the spark of Web3 digital civilization into varied fields like technology, medicine, real estate, agriculture, consumption, and health services; To comprehensively empower brands/enterprises on their entrance into and expansion in the Web3 digital market, Crazy Mars Squirrel helps raise their brand awareness, which in turn brings valuable rebates to NFT holders. Because of this, the Associated Press, Dow Jones, Wall Street Insider, Yahoo, Post-gazette, Newsok, Buffalonews, Am-news, theeveningleader, and other major international mainstream media have carried out full coverage.

Platform Inclusion: Major Trading Platforms Have Successively Collected

Crazy Mars Squirrel once again ushered in its new milestone: Following its listing on OpenSea, the NFT market with the largest trading volume in the world, Crazy Mars Squirrel NFT has been officially included in several major global trading platforms such as X2Y2, Gem, Uniswap NFT, and Element. So far, among the top four NFT aggregator trading platforms in the world, Crazy Mars Squirrel has occupied three seats!

Meanwhile, NFT aggregator platforms, like X2Y2, Gem, Uniswap NFT, Element, not only provide faster and more user-friendly transaction experience for Crazy Mars Squirrel NFT holders and market-watchers, making it easier for Crazy Mars Squirrel NFTs to be favored by market traders; but also open up cross-market orders and pending orders, concentrate the originally scattered NFT liquidity, and attract more users from the globe to join the ecological construction of the Crazy Mars Squirrel, thereby further expanding the development space of Crazy Mars Squirrel.

Conclusion: Dark Horse Project in the NFT2.0 Era

To describe Crazy Mars Squirrel in one sentence, it will be: In a fast-changing world, a group of “digital upstarts”, who adhere to the connotations of Web3 and altruistic thinking, uphold the tinder for new civilization and guide humankind with brand new cultural vision and emerging business to migrate from industrial civilization to digital culture and explore the infinite possibilities in the Web3 era. It also explains why it can be so vigorous. After all, after knowing such a great project, who won’t Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)?

The story of Crazy Mars Squirrel has just begun. Stay tuned for more surprises!

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