Paranormal Investigation Coming In May 20, 1854 Army Fort Tejon State Park

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Paranormal Investigation Coming In May 20, 1854 Army Fort Tejon State Park

May 09
12:06 2023

Marie Mason, paranormal investigator turned author, has investigated and caught ghosts on camera that too during the day. She has a number of recordings of ghosts’ audio responses. Done with her book, she now calls you on a paranormal tour. Mark your calendars: May 20th. Fort Tejon State Park.   

The ancient Fort Tejon was built by the United States Army on 10th August in 1854 to accommodate white settlers and the Native American Indians. The area was used as trails and passed to get through the state by the pioneer wagons, which is why it is known as Tejon Pass. This fort is known for its astonishing artifacts, water wells, uniforms, furniture, and equipment including guns. The base of the fort has a Dead Man’s Curve, also known as the Model T Junk Yard, where many vehicles crashed between 1915-1930.

Exploring a place like this would be a thrilling experience. Wouldn’t it? 

From investigating the office quarters made of colonial-style homes, the barracks full of civil war uniform displays and tools, the quartermaster to old spooky wells, the firepit area, and whatnot, the visitors will get a spine-chilling tour of their lives. Marie Mason and her team invites all ghost hunting enthusiasts on a 90-minutes guided paranormal tour. Every individual will be given a colored wristband which is necessary for them to wear as it depicts the time slot of their tour. The park will have picnic tables so that people can eat comfortably. 

Marie Mason also published her book, Ghosts of Randsburg, The Madame Secrets: Ghost Huntress Diaries, which keeps readers on the edge of their seats from beginning to end. Her books and memorabilia will be available during the event. The most exciting part is that visitors can get it signed by the ghost hunter herself between 6-7 PM. 

There are some ground rules to follow, as it is necessary for the visitors to be on guard when on the site. There is no live streaming allowed, but people can videotape their experience. Alcohol and drugs aren’t allowed in the park. The temperature might be chilly in the mountains, so dress accordingly. 

A perfect session of entertainment is divided into daytime investigations, which has two slots from 3 PM to 6 PM with a ticket price of only $45 for adults and $15 for children under 12. The nighttime investigation also includes two slots from 7 PM to 10 PM with a cost of $60 only. 

The wait is finally over! You can reach out to the Madame herself at [email protected] or call 818-974-6852 to volunteer or book your tickets from Event Brite.

About Author

Marie Mason is a professional and experienced ghost hunter and paranormal investigator known for capturing ghosts in broad daylight since 2019. She has been the talk of the town ever since she caught the prom queen ghost during the day in Santa Clarita. Marie and her team travel to many locations to host live paranormal events where the public is also invited to observe and listen to real ghosts. In 2019 she went to the Randsburg Ghost Town, and together with the locals, she hosted the first live ghost event in the saloon, which was built in 1897.  

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