At the 2023 COIN MARKET100 UK Forum Summit: DEFI Economic Structure Running Future WEB3 Domain Strategic Plan

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At the 2023 COIN MARKET100 UK Forum Summit: DEFI Economic Structure Running Future WEB3 Domain Strategic Plan

May 09
22:36 2023

The first round of forum summit was co-hosted by WALL STREET BOX Company and its COIN MARKET100 in early May 2023 in London, United Kingdom. This topic will be presented by Chief Technology Officer Anthony. In the forum, all partners and users of Angel Wheel are specially invited to participate in the event.

The whole block chain market has become more and more active in the global network ecology since 2021, from the financial system to the entertainment field and even to the physical commodity trading, which gradually covers everyone’s life. Because the original idea of COIN MARKET100 is to enable everyone to be more active in the cutting-edge field of virtual currency application in the future, which is easier and lower threshold.

The DEFI system developed by COIN MARKET100 has gradually developed from Europe and the United States in 2021 to the Asia-Pacific region in 2022. It was optimized and expanded from the original release of version 1.0 dual currency liquidity pledge to version 2.0 liquidity tiered fund commodities.

According to the data provided by COIN MARKET100, the usage of users also increased by 15 percentage points in 2023. The specially updated block computer in version 2.0 simplifies the conversion process, starting from the fact that the mobile pool in the system node is faster in calculation, free pool conversion and smoother in revenue.

Anthony, Chief Technology Officer of COIN MARKET100 at the Forum Summit, even mentioned that the WEB3 ecological environment, combined with the economic support of the current DEFI2.0 system architecture, has been extended to diversified development in different fields, such as DEGAME, block chain auction and NFT pass, enabling users to have a more comprehensive application experience, while the tokens in major economies are CM100 gas fee. Early users can use the original currency price to convert higher-value commodity benefits.

COIN MARKET100 is planning a series of simulation experience activities in the DEGAME by connecting all the block chain game tracks to the game guild’s ecological community. In addition, users with high activity in the 2.0 system can also switch to the C4 level pass to enjoy exclusive profit sharing of the block chain game.

At the end of the Forum Summit, the WALL STREET BOX Company will link all the technologies in COIN MARKET100 into a whole-chain industry to create an exclusive meta-world ecological circle and realize the vision of a full DAO model and a WEB3 domain, so that all development partners and users can flow through the future new world field more quickly and enjoy the technological evolution process together.

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